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Dear Bobby,

When you read this letter I won’t be here anymore… The call of adventure has resounded in me and the shiver of exploration has seized my spine with its thousand of electric tiny legs. I’ve decided to reveal the life and past of a man, Bobby, and this man is no less (and no more) than Jean de la Fontaine. Who was he? Where was he going? At what time? Was he like us? I mean: what should one think about a guy who decided to write a fable titled “The Acorn and the Pumpkin” ?? The more one unwinds the thread of evidences, the more the mystery thickens… But, in some way, fables are still there, and their characters are still alive. Those last ones will know how to enlighten us and reveal to us who was Jean de la Fontaine.

And trust me, I will find a way to have them talk.

There is, Bobby, all the meaning and all the method of an exploration that will put Stanley & Livignston back to the status of mere amateurs, and that I will call : “El Proyecto la Fuente” !



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Siret 04/04/2009 10:17

Aww - how very sweet of you! Thank you :D (If the whole blog was translated - I'd defenatly come here more often... Then again - I should perhaps study some French anyway :P)So do you still buzznet sometimes?

Padls 03/04/2009 10:48

Done ! ^^

Siret 02/04/2009 18:47

You know - I know this is not very nice of me to say that... but sometimes I really wish for some translation... French is tough :-/

Padls 24/03/2009 11:20

... je suis en train d'établir un plan global de l'album sous Excel :)

Pidic 24/03/2009 01:13

Le projet trouve sa forme !